Our Goals

Create a downtown park used by the community

for walking, biking, picnicking, relaxing, exercising, bird watching, education, enjoyment of the arts, and children’s play. Parks are known to promote health, relaxation and wellness, which is beneficial to residents of the community.

Increase tourism

by creating a unique and interesting park, featuring the natural landscape, art installations, historic trees, winding paths, and a shelter area. This is good for Oregon’s economy.

Strengthen our downtown businesses

This destination park will bring people into Oregon and increase revenues for businesses. Travelers will visit the park and then head downtown to get a cup of coffee, dine, eat artisan cheese and specialty desserts, or purchase gourmet chocolates and other products. Or visitors might pick up a beverage and lunch downtown, and bring them to the park.

Promote the arts

by working with local and state artists. Artistic endeavors can inspire and enrich our communities and provide a sense of place. Creative expression transcends boundaries, and encourages communication, understanding, and social connection among diverse people.

Preserve the natural greenspace and historic oak trees

which are over 200 years old. Trees in urban parks remove toxins from the air, reduce water pollution, and cool cities. Trees also absorb water, which helps areas prone to flooding, such as the North Main Street neighborhood.

Provide an educational area that can be used widely by the community

including children, adults and seniors. Community members can learn more about the natural habitat, history of Oregon, indigenous people who lived here, Methodist Church which occupied the land for 100+ years, and other topics.

Bring people together to create this unique park

This joint venture will involve people from all walks of life who will work in unison toward a common goal, just as Anderson Park does

Strengthen the surrounding neighborhood, which is in a TID 3/5 district

The TID (Tax Increment District) 5 lays over the TID 3. This is a historic neighborhood with mid- to low-income earners. Parks are known to increase the property values of surrounding homes, while enhancing neighborhoods.

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